Cyrus Daily Messages

(March 1963) When the Parsis came back in the afternoon, Baba was drinking tea. He motioned to them to be seated and then started revealing to them about a Zoroastrian Perfect Master, the only one in recorded history:

His name [in Persian] was Azar Kaivan. He came long after Prophet Zarathustra. He was so advanced that to get God-Realization, he laid down like a dead man for forty days, uttering: “Yezdan, Yezdan, Yezdan,” until he lost his voice through weakness. So, he continued repeating Yezdan silently. After forty days, an apparition came to him and took him to a Master of that time. After untold difficulties and trials, he was given God-Realization.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 18, p. 6104.