Cyrus Daily Messages

(Jan. 1953) Deshmukh had taken a movie of the Amraoti darshan programs, which he had brought to Andhra and wanted to show to Baba. At first, Baba hesitated because of lack of time in his schedule. “Honestly,” he stated, “I tell you that Deshmukh is one of my best men; but sometimes he exasperates me!”

Deshmukh had been after Baba for days, asking him to procure a projector so that he could show the film. At one point Baba remarked, “My whim has projected numberless universes, and what a long important film it is! Now, what film is there left for me to see?”

And, he warned in teasing fashion, “If you talk any more about a projector, you will be stripped, and seven bucketfuls of ice-cold water will be poured over you!”

Baba then instructed Aloba that no sooner the word “projector” came from Deshmukh’s mouth than he should strip him and pour cold water over him. He turned to Deshmukh and asked, “Now, what order have I given Aloba?”

Deshmukh repeated Baba’s instruction without mentioning the word projector. Baba stated, “What sort of doctor are you? Repeat my order faithfully, word for word.”

“If I do that,” Deshmukh replied, “I will be in trouble, and Aloba will have to get the water ready.” In the end, however, Baba agreed to see the film, and it was shown that morning.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 11, p. 4061.