Cyrus Daily Messages

ON ONE OCCASION, Baba visited Akbar Press in Ahmednagar, where Shirin Damania was bedridden with arthritis. Baba asked her what she wanted. Eruch urged her, “Tell Baba to make your body all right so you can move about as before.” (Oct, 1948).

Baba assured her, “There is only one remedy for that – you will be all right if I am bedridden with stiff legs.”

Concerned, Shirin blurted out, “Baba, do not do that! I will lie here as I am until my last, but you should stay well.”

Baba was deeply pleased with her spontaneous expression of heartfelt love and reassured her, “Carry on as you are in this birth. After this life, you will be free from the rounds of birth and death.”

Baba met everyone at Akbar Press, including his three “darlings” – Homi’s children Alu, Dhun and Naval. Their mother, Pila, had died five years earlier, and since that time they had come to stay at Akbar Press. Alu, Dhun and Naval all had muscular dystrophy, and though they were very clever and good looking, they suffered much. They also loved Baba dearly, and he would often come to see them. (1)

Once their cousin Dorab, Jemi Satha’s son, asked Baba why he did not cure Naval. Baba replied, “I can cure him, but when I am in physical form I want him to suffer so that I can console him.” Baba turned to Naval and remarked, “Why don’t you shout? Every leaf and particle must shout!”

Naval said, “But I am so tired, Baba. How can I shout?”

“I am also tired, but I continue,” Baba replied. “Your disease will continue until it has had its effect – until it has unwound your impressions. Why ask for health?”

(1)  During one period, Dhun Satha had an order from Meher Baba to write him a letter daily, and Baba replied to her regularly, thus maintaining a close link with her and the whole Satha family.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 9, pp. 3304 – 3305.