Cyrus Daily Messages

During 1945, Adi’s father, Khan Saheb Irani, had been ill and
bedridden for the past several months. Baba went to see him at his
home in Khushru Quarters, Ahmednagar, on September 19th (1945). Khan Saheb
had always had great reverence for Baba, but no love. Now, much to his
wife Gulmai’s delight, he genuinely felt drawn to Baba.

Baba asked him, “What do you wish for?”

“Good health for two months and, thereafter, liberation,” he said.

Baba promised: “Do as I say for two months, and I will definitely
fulfill your wish.”

Baba gave him some instructions regarding personal matters, and Khan
Saheb was happy. He garlanded Baba, and a photograph was taken of
Baba, Gulmai and Khan Saheb. Before leaving, Baba took Adi and Gulmai
aside and remarked, “He will be relieved of his agonies in October.”

This was to be Khan Saheb’s last meeting with Baba, and his last wish
was fulfilled by Baba. He merged in God’s infinity eighteen days later
on Sunday, October 7th, 1945, at noon, with Baba’s name on his lips.

A few days before Khan Saheb died, Adi was surprised to find flowers
strewn on his bed when he went to sleep at night. The next night
again, his bed was covered with flowers. When the third night he
waited and caught one of the servants in the act, he demanded to know
who had instructed him do such a thing. The servant told him that it
was none other than the ailing Khan Saheb.

Adi confronted his father the following morning and Khan Saheb
admitted that he did it. “But why?” asked Adi.

“All these years,” said Khan Saheb, “you had been telling me how great
Meher Baba is – how he is like Zarathustra, our Prophet. I did not
believe you and tried to thwart you in your efforts to serve him. But
now I know that you were right all along, and I ask your forgiveness.
I honor and worship your love for Baba. You were right, Adi. Meher
Baba is God!” And his father folded his hands to a picture of Baba
kept on the wall opposite his bed. Adi burst out weeping and fell into
his father’s arms.