Cyrus Daily Messages

If you want to stick to me, you must have a clean heart. There is no use in sometimes having faith and sometimes having doubt. It is best then to leave me; then you can lead your life in the world and be free. If you want to love me, you should not try to create confusion among yourselves. All of you love me, but you would be loving me best by loving each other. If one has to say something behind the other’s back, how can you tell the world about my love? If you all cannot love me as I want you to love me, it is best not to speak to the world about me.

Let’s put an end to all hypocrisy! Let hypocrisy be completely wiped out from your hearts! I would love to see that. You should all have one heart, a clean heart, without prejudices. I will be leaving you all tomorrow. Today is the last day. Now we will make a confession. Who can say the Prayer of Repentance? Who has a copy?

No one knew the prayer by heart. Someone rushed off for a copy in the office. After it was read, Baba stated: Let us ask pardon of God for our misunderstandings, for unnecessarily hurting the feelings of others, for our faults. May God give you all one percent of the infinite patience Baba has! Let us ask God’s pardon. Now one by one, embrace me.

Slowly, they formed a line and each embraced Baba, who had risen and was standing by the table. This was to be each one’s last embrace, as Baba was leaving the next day and he had said he would not permit any embrace thereafter.

Kitty Davy had slipped out before the meeting was over to prepare Baba’s lunch, and therefore missed the prayer and embrace. Baba scolded her, “Have I asked you to cook and be preoccupied the entire time, or to be with me as much as possible?” Then he forgave her and gave her the embrace she had missed.


Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 14, pp. 5082 – 5083.