Cyrus Daily Messages

While in London, (Sept. 1931)Baba would get up early by six o’clock, have his breakfast at seven-thirty, glance through the newspaper and be ready to receive visitors by nine.

Kim brought her husband Desmond Tolhurst and her daughters Phoebe Ann and Susan Jane to see Baba. Desmond told Baba, “I am a staunch Roman Catholic and want to lead a life of rectitude. I feel at times that I am doing wrong and I am tempted. I repeat my mistakes time and time again. I am religious-minded and want to remain devoted to God and the Church.”

Baba replied, “Be religious; it is good. But eventually you have to go beyond the shariat – the traditional rituals of religion.”

Desmond then asked, “Are there any true saints and holy priests in Christianity?”

“There were saints,” Baba answered, “but the Christian priests are the same type as those priests in every other religion throughout the world. Out of selfishness, priests create and propagate their own customs, tenets and practices, thereby crippling religion. All these rites, rituals and ceremonies are the dry husk of the corn.” (1)

(1)  Shariat represents the husk of the corn; the kernel inside is the essence of spirituality.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 4, p. 1429.

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