Cyrus Daily Messages

Homa Dadachanji was called to Meherabad to drive Baba’s car. (June 1958) His leg had been operated upon, and consequently he could not sit on the ground or squat in the toilet. So he hit upon a novel stratagem whenever he felt the urge to evacuate his bowels. After letting Baba off at Meherabad, he would drive a distance away, answer the call of nature while standing and then return. Once, on his way back to Meherabad, he was caught in a shower of rain and the car got stuck in the mud. With the utmost difficulty he managed to extract it; yet, before he returned, Baba had already finished his work. Baba was waiting and was about to leave with Jim Mistry who was also staying in Meherabad for a few days.

Baba asked Homa where he had been with the car. Homa replied, “To the toilet.” Baba remarked, “This is the strangest story I have ever heard. What type of yoga are you doing? You go to the toilet with a car?” Homa had to make a clean breast of his predicament, and Baba laughed and observed, “What a wonderful yoga! Your yoga I name as Yograja  (King of all yogas)!”

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 16, p 5776.