Cyrus Daily Messages

It was quite cold at Manjri Mafi and Motichur (April 1950). Due to the lack of proper clothing and diet, remaining on only dal and chapatis once a day, both the men and women companions’ health gradually deteriorated. All sorts of ailments began plaguing them. Pendu had pleurisy and pain in the chest; Eruch, lumbago and a sprained foot that was becoming chronic; Murli, a broken wrist, weakened further by the labor; Vishnu, a crippling rheumatic knee; Nilu, sciatica and left knee-joint trouble due to his duty of carrying water; Aloba, physically weakening and severe fatigue caused by fever, carrying loads of water and other labor; Kaka Baria, heart trouble; Baidul, aches and pains throughout his body; Gustadji, his old age and increasing weakness; sister Mani, fever and cough developing into bronchitis; and the youngest woman, Meheru, also sick. Yet Baba expected the companions to remain cheerful and appear happy – even when feeling rotten.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 10, p. 3587