Cyrus Daily Messages

ON DECEMBER 30th, (1964) a member of parliament in Delhi, named Seth Govindas, arrived in Meherazad with Amiya Kumar Hazra. Hazra was an old lover, who availed himself of every opportunity of Baba’s darshan with his family. Govindas came to know about Meher Baba through Hazra.

Govindas’ son, who was a government minister in the Madhya Pradesh cabinet, had recently expired, and Govindas was sad and miserable over the death. (Some people consider it a malediction to have a child die before the parents.)

Govindas pleaded before Baba, “I want peace.”

Baba replied, “I will surely give you peace; but come to Poona in May.”

“Will I not have peace until then?”

“It will come gradually; but in Poona, you will feel it completely.”

“Where is my son, Baba?”

“He is with me.”

“I have no faith in God!”

“Who has faith in Him? If one had faith in God, what would there be to worry about? Everything happens according to His will, and once faith is born, there is no question of our existence or our passing away.”

Govindas was highly impressed with his meeting, but due to illness was unable to attend the darshan in Poona in 1965. Later, when he recovered he requested darshan, but being in seclusion Baba did not grant it.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 19, p. 6298.