Cyrus Daily Messages

To a few from the Monday Night group, Baba stated: (July 1956)

All this world is nothing, an illusion. I am in everything. I tell you with my authority, I am in everything. Love me in that way and then, when you drop your bodies, you will be with me eternally.

To some of the Sufi group, Baba dictated:

I have said many times I am the Lord of Love and at the same time I am the slave of my lovers. This is not idle talk; this is a fact. I am the Lord of Love and the slave of my lovers.

Eruch continued speaking as Baba gestured:

Baba says when he goes out to contact masts in India, the God of Love meets the God-intoxicated. About seventy miles from Satara there is one mast called Dhondi Bua. Baba likes him very much. He is very healthy; he does not wear anything or want anything. Even if you want to give him something, he will not take it. Although he does not wear anything, he does not feel cold. In the winter, even while it is raining, he sits there in the same position as we find him in the summer. Baba has been there several times by day and night and found him always in the same position. Baba goes there and comforts him, kisses his feet and caresses him. He sits near him and the mast feels very delighted, very happy to be near Baba. He remains happy; he is like a child, but he knows that all this world is nothing but an illusion. He does not want anything.

It is our wants that bind us. We want something and so we get bound. When we truly do not want anything, we are like emperors. We are everything; therefore, we do not have to want anything.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 14, p. 4975.