Cyrus Daily Messages

(Oct. 1922) Gustadji informed Baba that in his absence there had been a heated argument between Rustom K. Irani and Naval Talati. Naval was certain that if a megha rag (rain tune) was properly sung, rain would fall. Rustom, however, was firm in his opinion that without spiritual powers, it was not possible to bring rain. In order to appease them, the Master gave this discourse on sound and Universal Sound:

What Naval says is true. By singing the megha rag, rain is possible and no spiritual power is necessary. It is an acknowledged fact that by rain clouds colliding, rain falls. Sound also travels in waves, and scientists have proven that it takes time for them to travel. The travelling of sound waves can be easily understood if you look at a person washing clothes at a distance. When he strikes the clothes on the stone, the sound does not immediately reach you; he strikes the clothes, but you hear it after a few seconds.

Similarly, in singing the megha rag, when the sound has the required pitch and vibrations it creates waves causing a disturbance in the clouds which results in rain. This is a natural phenomenon; what is there to disbelieve in it? Compared with this, the discovery of the radio and the telegraphic wireless is harder to believe; without any apparent connecting link, message or sound is made to travel great distances between two points.

Now what is the voice? Where does it originate? When one hears sound coming out of his mouth, it must be existing somewhere. In truth, sound pervades the universe. God is sound, light – everything. There is a point from where sound issues forth, and from that Creation point, or Om point, evolution starts. Sound has been given a door – our mouth – to manifest from. When a sound comes out of the mouth it is lost in the Universal Sound which is everywhere.

So what wonder is there if the sound produced by singing the megha tune reaches the clouds two miles above the earth and produces rain, when it is a recognized fact that sound waves are sent through telegraphy thousands of miles away. There is nothing spiritual or supernatural in producing rain through sound waves.

It is for this reason, because sound travels and creates various vibrations, that a person should read the holy books whether he understands their meaning or not. The words in the Zoroastrians’ Zend Avesta, or in the Hindus’ Gita, or in the Muslims’ Koran, and in other scriptures, are so arranged that when they are pronounced the sound created comes very nearly in unison with the Universal Voice, or the Universal Sound, and is a great help in influencing a person spiritually.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 2, pp. 446 – 447.