Cyrus Daily Messages

Daulat Singh was practicing medicine in England when he had a dream in
which the disciple Bhabhanand introduced him to his Master. This was
Meher Baba, although Dr. Singh had never met either Bhabhanand or
Baba. In the dream, the Master urged Dr. Singh, “Leave England and
return to India. I have connections with you.” Dr. Singh followed the
advice, although he did not know who the Master was.

Once in India, Daulat Singh began searching for his Guru, but in vain.
One day, when he was riding on a train, a man seated next to him was
reading a book, and after some time, Dr. Singh casually glanced at the
book. He was shocked. A picture in it was of the same man who had
appeared in his dream. He asked to see the book and read the name:
“Meher Baba, Ahmednagar.” At the next station, he got down and caught
the first train to Ahmednagar. As soon as he arrived, he made
inquiries and took a tonga to Meherabad. Now close to the fulfillment
of all his wishes after so many years, when he arrived, he rushed to
ask for Baba’s darshan. Baba was informed, but refused to see him.

Daulat Singh tried to check himself, but his disappointment was too
great to conceal. He began sobbing aloud, “Am I such a great sinner
that Meher Baba will not see me? Is my love for him not sincere? Have
I displeased him in any way?” After a few minutes, he regained his
composure, and resolved to sit under a tree near the road until Baba
granted him darshan. He was there for ten days, without food or water.

On the tenth day, Baba sent Adi Sr. with instructions for Dr. Singh to
go to Kashmir, and then on to Lahore and contact Pilamai Hormuzd in
Karachi. Daulat Singh did as he was told, and left Meherabad with a
broken heart. He contacted Pilamai, and asked her to promise to inform
him as soon as Meher Baba was in the area. Weeping, he narrated his
many years of  searching and his recent experience at Meherabad.

Dr. Daulat Singh came to Dehra Dun from Kashmir for Baba’s darshan on
the evening of April 29th, 1941. He had been so restless to see Baba,
he had come straight through on the train, eight hundred and fifty
miles from Srinagar, fainting twice in the terrific heat. Nilu tried
to calm him, talking to him at length, explaining that during Baba’s
seclusion he was seeing no one. But Dr. Singh would not listen and
said, “If I don’t get darshan, I will die!”

Nilu informed Baba, and Baba permitted Daulat Singh to see him from a
distance, specifying that he should not bow down to him or pay his
respects, in any way. Placing six oranges on the floor, Daulat Singh
said, “I have nothing more to offer you.” From afar, Baba sent him
word, “You don’t know what you have given me! Whatever you have given
is too much! Depart happily, and don’t look back!” Daulat Singh obeyed
and left after talking with Norina Matchabelli for an hour.

In those few moments, the doctor received that love
which kept him faithful his entire life long!

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 7, pp. 2686 – 2687.