Cyrus Daily Messages

One of those who was “unnecessarily” suffering was Raosaheb. He had recently written complaining about Baba’s harsh attitude toward him. On September 16th, (1938) Baba sent him this reply:May Lily (Rao’s name for Baba) have mercy on you because Lily loves you in spite of your certain weaknesses.

Firdosi could not have written what you in your Shah-nama of complaints have written about imaginary cruelty and illusionary injustice. (1) What you call tyranny is nothing but my expression of love. Must I not take interest in you and warn you to keep away from doing acts of weakness? And because I warn you, you think it is persecution.

What you suffered was for the betterment of your inner life. Your vision is limited and my control over things is unlimited. You attach importance to what you have sacrificed for me. I ask for what you have not sacrificed for me!

You want to attach a price to the priceless and I bring to you what is unattainable. You naturally, from your low human level, magnify the petty grievances, while I await your preparedness to ask for real suffering. Your outlook is barren – mine fertile. So, dear fellow, know that what I do is for your good and because I love you.

You will not become blind. Do not worry. I will never punish you in that way; in fact, I never punish anyone. You will not have to suffer again in that way, like your last physical suffering. I guarantee you that.

So, cheer up and be brave, and send me a good boy immediately! (2)

A week later on September 22nd, Baba further wrote to Raosaheb:

I love strong men. Strong in mind, strong in heart, and strong in spirit. Body does not matter. Therefore, those whom I love, I want them to be strong. I love you, so I want you to become strong. So I always warn you, threaten you, to keep away from weaknesses.

Why don’t you like my taking interest in you? Does it mean that because you are physically away, you are no longer mine?

You always childishly say, “Baba is all-knowing, all-powerful and whatever bad or good we do is by his will … ” Well, if that is so, then all the suffering and happiness is also by Baba’s will.

Why then are you not satisfied with your lot? I want you to know once and for all I love you, and that whatever I do is for your ultimate spiritual good.

As I said in my last letter, I definitely guarantee that you won’t suffer physically as you did last. Also, you won’t become blind! But if you break my order suffering will come on me! So, be brave and try not to break the order. Try to be here on the 24th and 25th. If not, at least on the 25th. And positively bring the Udley (3)  (ideal boy) with you! The boy required should be alert, bright, intelligent, quick-moving, and above all pleasing in appearance. But don’t bring any Chinese or Japanese ones like you did the last time.

Raosaheb later wrote to Baba that he was feeling very depressed. He claimed he had lost his blind faith in Baba.

Soon after, Baba sent him this brief message:

I am glad your blind faith has been shattered, because now a full-eyed faith will take its place!

(1)  Firdosi was a Persian poet whose great epic Shahnama relates the history of Persia.

(2)  When Baba used the expression “good boy” he was referring to the ideal or perfect boy that he was always in search of and that different men mandali, such as Raosaheb, Chhagan, brother Jal, had to find and bring to him.

(3)  Udley was the name or term Baba used for the ideal or perfect boy, or simply a good boy.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 7, pp. 2319 – 2320.