Cyrus Daily Messages

After tea, when everyone was present in the hall at Lower Meherabad, before the music started, Baba stated: (Nov. 1955)

I am pleased with all those who have come in this group. The atmosphere here now is quite different; it will change with the arrival of subsequent groups. With the Andhra group, the program during the day will mainly consist of bhajans, kirtans and arti. But, the Parsis are quite different from the standpoints of temperament, habits and so on. Although Parsis are very good at heart, and their nature admirable in many respects, their ways of devotion, worship and reverence toward saints and Perfect Masters are quite distinct from and at variance with the Hindus’. People from the south, though clever, learned and even brilliant, surpass the Parsis in love and in doing Baba’s work with a zeal and enthusiasm and sincerity that can only be matched by those from Hamirpur. In Andhra, there are Baba lovers from a government minister on down to a coolie and they all do Baba work honestly, going from village to village carrying my message of love. The Maharashtrians, too, are not lagging behind in this respect.

But the Parsis take no pride in my being a Zoroastrian. It is true that a prophet is never recognized and revered in his own time and by his own people. This has been true since ages past. It happens in every Avataric period. I wish Parsis would try to think of me and know me. Their jovial nature, and “who-knows-what-may-happen-tomorrow” attitude, I like. But, if from among them, even a few out of love for me and my cause, boldly come out and do my work, it would really be splendid. Let them work and enjoy, and do their duty by their family; but, at the same time, their good luck should help them to have a thought about me once in a while.

Messages, discourses, worship, devotional music will not make anyone reach the Goal. They have no value in themselves. What is wanted is jigar – heart, courage. As Hafiz says:

“He who does not lose his life
in love for God will not find it.”

What is the meaning of laying down one’s life? Soldiers by the millions lose their life in battle; others by committing suicide. But this is not what is meant. Here the meaning is that one has to carry out the wish of the Master and die at every step! I have explained about obedience and love to and for me. If followed implicitly, that would really make you lose yourselves in me.
Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 13, p. 4697.