Cyrus Daily Messages

Baba had instructed Vishnu to store grain for a year, as there was the possibility of it becoming scarce during wartime. So Vishnu had stockpiled sufficient grain in a room adjoining Baba’s. Some days later, Baba complained to Vishnu, “Because of your sacks of grain in the next room, there are hundreds of rats who disturb me in my work. You should sell it all.”

Vishnu said, “If you are disturbed, the wheat and millet can be stored on the mandali’s side. Because you wished it, it was stored in this room, though I pointed out the room is not suitable for it. I do not understand. What do you mean? It was all right to store it here, and now it is all right to sell it.”

Baba, for his own reasons, was anxious about disposing of the grain. Although it had cost quite a lot of money, it was sold at a lower price. It also cost the labor of dispatching it to the buyers and hiring a bullock cart to deliver it.

Vishnu, who was in charge of accounts, stated, “Baba, we have suffered a big loss in selling the grain.”

But Baba replied, “What do you know of the gain this loss has given us? Don’t ask such questions. Your job is to continue doing as I tell you.”

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 8, p 2804.

(Today, July 10, 2021 is the 96th Anniversary of Baba’s unique silence).