Cyrus Daily Messages

Meanwhile, an account of Baba’s accident in America had been reported
in the Times of India. As a result, a false rumor about Mehera’s
demise had reached the ears of Baba’s bitterest opponent, Colonel M.
S. Irani. Mehera was the Colonel’s niece. So, according to Baba’s
wish, the following telegram was sent to him: “Mehera is alive. Love
blessings, Meher Baba.”

The Colonel was Mehera’s maternal uncle and Padri’s maternal uncle, so
Baba also sent Padri to Poona to assure him of Mehera’s well-being.
Padri arrived at his house at about three o’clock in the afternoon,
but had to wait an hour to see him, as he was napping. The meeting
took place at four o’clock, and Padri told him, “Uncle, Mehera is all
right. The rumor about her death is not true.”

“What have I to do with it?” he snapped.

“I have been sent to personally convey this news to you,” Padri explained.

Becoming upset, the Colonel shouted, “I do not need your news! What
does Meher Baba think of himself? What right has he to send me his
“love blessings?” He should accept my love blessings!”

“If you give him your blessings, I am sure he will be overjoyed,”
Padri wryly observed. “But giving a blessing will bind you, so you’d
better think twice before offering it.”

The Colonel was highly irritated and, writing a few choice
unmentionables on the telegram received from Baba, he handed it back
to Padri. “What a love blessing,” Padri thought.

After talking with the Colonel for a while, Padri returned to
Meherazad, where he delivered the colonel’s missive. The Colonel’s two
sisters, Daulatmai (Mehera’s mother) and Freiny Masi (Padri’s mother),
remained at Baba’s feet until the end. But Baba used Colonel Irani as
a medium for his work, which the Colonel did in the form of hostile
opposition to his last days.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 11, p. 3902.