Cyrus Daily Messages

(Oct. 1947) Baba and the mandali spent the night at the railway station, as they were to leave early the following morning. Here a memorable incident took place. Baba and the men would always carry their bedding rolls with them, and at the station they spread them out on the ground at the end of the stone platform. One of the mandali was to keep awake on nightwatch, but that night the sentry must have been feeling drowsy, because all of a sudden Baba started shaking Eruch awake.

Eruch awoke, startled. “What’s the matter?” Baba pointed to a man sleeping beside them. The man had slipped under their blanket and was effectively using it to hide himself. Eruch shook him and asked, “Who are you?” But as soon as Eruch touched him, the man jumped up and ran away. When he did, the police were heard loudly blowing their whistles and chasing after him. The man was a thief and had slipped in between them seeking to disappear from the police.

Unknowingly, this thief had sought God’s protection.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 9, p. 3203