Cyrus Daily Messages

Maya Ganguli, a blind teenage girl (about age fifteen), had sung before Baba during the darshan program in Saint Mira High School in March. She was a very good singer, and Baba liked her voice. One day, the teenage girl and her parents came to see Baba in Guruprasad. She sang before Baba again, and after the program Baba asked what had happened to her eyes. Her parents explained to Baba about her blindness.

Baba asked the girl whether she would follow specific instructions he would give her. In the hope of recovering her sight, Maya Ganguli and her parents readily agreed. Baba asked her to partially fast for three months, consuming only milk and bananas. The girl accepted Baba’s order and took it very seriously. She began the diet, but after several weeks the parents began to worry because the girl was growing weak. Maya Ganguli did not want to break Baba’s order, but the parents complained to Baba that their daughter was becoming weaker and that the restrictions he had placed on her should be reconsidered. Unhappily, Baba gave some concession and relaxed part of the fast. Later, due to the pressure brought on Maya Ganguli by her parents, though she had been determined to obey Baba’s orders, Maya gave up the fast before the stipulated period was complete.

When Maya Ganguli’s name came up before Baba, one of the mandali remarked, “How fortunate it would have been for her had she continued the fast and obeyed Baba.”

Baba remarked, “Yes, it would have been good if she had observed my orders. But it was not in her fate.”

Someone asked, “Would she have regained her eyesight?”

Baba shrugged and gestured, “God knows. Perhaps.”

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 15, p. 5168.