Cyrus Daily Messages

Adi K. Irani’s mood had been gloomy since seeing Baba and, on August 23rd, (1934) Baba asked him, “Why don’t you look happy these days?”

Adi was never one to mince his words, even with Baba. He replied, “During your last five foreign tours, you did not take me with you and kept me here under one pretext or another.”

Baba commented, “You should be the happiest of the mandali! You are free from worldly cares or bodily disease and have a car at your disposal to drive. Still, you are always discontent. You are the champion grumbler and never satisfied with life.

“In the beginning, I thought you and Vishnu were obedient, but I now find selfishness in both of you. You were only laboring for spiritual gain, and Vishnu for monetary help. Vishnu himself does not need money, but he wants to help others in their studies. He has spent whatever little he had for that and now he comes to me for more.

“I have not yet come across anyone who could serve me without thought of either spiritual or material benefit. Arjun came closest. He was the best.”

Baba then turned to Kaka Baria and asked, “Why are you serving me?”

“It is my duty!” Kaka replied.

“Don’t you have any selfish motive?” pursued Baba.

“Absolutely not!” answered Kaka.

Baba reproved him in front of Adi, “Kaka talks like this, but he longs in his heart for spiritual advancement. He does not want anything, but he knows that it is desirable to be here for spiritual progress. This, too, is selfishness! One should serve out of love, and true love is bereft of any thought of gain or worry over risks taken.”

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 6, p. 1914.