Cyrus Daily Messages


Often sung, the Song of the New Life was as follows – the first couplet was dictated by Baba himself:

Listen to the silent words of Meher Baba;
The life-story of all lovers of God
is based on the practice of these words.
If you are serious about living this New Life,
Then wholeheartedly renounce this ephemeral existence.

We have taken to this life,
in which we rely only on God;
In this, our will (to do or die)
is strengthened by the oath taken;
We are merrily singing the song of hopelessness;
We are inviting all calamities and difficulties.

We neither wail over lost hopes,
nor complain about broken promises;
We neither covet honor, nor shun disgrace;
Backbiting we know not, nor do we fear anyone;
This is now the color of our New Life.

No confusion in the mind now, nor any ties left;
Pride, anger, lust and greed we know not.
We have no religion, nor care for physical and mental fads.
The Shaikh and the Brahmin (typifying all castes and creeds)
are now sailing in the same boat.

There is no small or great now for us all;
The questions of disciple, Master
or Godhood no longer arise.
Brotherliness or fellow-feeling is the link that exists,
And this contributes to our present enjoyment of suffering.

This world or the next, hell or heaven,
we no longer bother about;
Shaktis and siddhis, occultism and miracles
we no longer think of.
All these false impressions (thoughts) for us
have been purged from the mind.
What has value and importance for us now
is to live in the active present.

Dear ones, take seriously the words of Baba when he says:

“Although now I am on the same level with you all,
Yet all orders from me, good, bad, extraordinary,
You should all carry out immediately,
leaving the result to God.”

Even if the heavens fall,
Do not let go the Hand of Truth.
Let despair and disappointment ravage
and destroy the garden (of your life);
Beautify it once again by the seedlings
of contentment and self-sufficiency.

Even if your heart is cut to bits,
let there be a smile on your lips.
Here I divulge to you a point worth noting:
Hidden in your penniless hands is Treasure untold;
Your beggarly life will be the envy of kings!

God exists indeed, and true are the Prophets.
Every cycle has an Avatar, and every moment has a wali.
For us, however, it is only hopelessness and helplessness.
How else should I tell you what our New Life is?

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 10, pp. 3469 – 3470.