Cyrus Daily Messages

At Meherabad, according to Baba’s order, the dhuni was to be lit on Monday, January 12th, (1942)  in memory of Upasni Maharaj, and everyone fasted that day. Baba came down from the Hill at 6:45 P.M. He looked at the photographs of Upasni Maharaj and his own which had been placed near the dhuni by the Table Cabin. He sat on a wicker chair facing west, after being garlanded by Papa Jessawala, to whom Baba had given the privilege of lighting the dhuni. When Baba gave the signal, Papa lit it, and at Baba’s order, Pendu, Padri, Papa, Sidhu and Vishnu, who were the only men allowed to be present, each placed a stick of sandalwood on the fire. Some of them also took darshan by bowing to the fire.

As soon as the fire was beginning to blaze, Baba made a few remarks: “For me, there is no pleasure in the uncertainties of life, as I know everything. The only pleasure for me is to lighten the burden of my appointed duties.

“Today is a day of great significance – today the tide of events is turning. Just as the fire is all ready and needs only the match put to it, now, it is as if it were a quarter to seven and it will soon be seven o’clock. And when that time comes, I will apply the match to my work. One great soul and one of my intimate men mandali will shortly pass away.”

Baba remained with the men at the dhuni for about twenty minutes, and then returned up the Hill. Before leaving, he instructed: “Now that Upasni Maharaj has gone, henceforth, those devotees who used to go frequently to Sakori and who love me also, should not go there any further.”

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 8, pp. 2756 – 2757.