Cyrus Daily Messages

On July 16th, (1943) in Kanganpur, at the very sight of Baba, a mast named Saiyid Rehmatullah began dancing with ecstasy and welcomed Baba with joy: “Come in, come in; I was waiting for your arrival and am ready for you.” He then conducted Baba to a graveyard a mile away where he had an abode and Baba sat with him alone. This high mast presented Baba with an old sack with a piece of iron and wood in it, which he said he had saved for this occasion for many years, and which Baba lovingly accepted.

If any mast gave anything to him, no matter how strange, Baba would be most careful to keep it safe in a special trunk, which was later stored at Meherabad. Were anyone to see what was inside this trunk, he would find it full of pieces of stone, broken glass, bits of iron, wood and tattered clothing. But to Baba, these odd things were an invaluable treasure from his beloved masts.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol.8, p. 2909.