Cyrus Daily Messages

One morning in July, (1968) Baba dictated this rhyme:

“God always existed. God will always exist.

He is never changing, ever the same,

And illusion is his eternal game.”

Later, in August, Baba continued the theme:

“Everlasting, never ending

Never changing, ever the same

And his Oneness in its fullness

Plays in manyness his game.”

Another time, he spelled out, “Coming, coming, coming – came!” Francis said Eruch’s words sounded like an auctioneer’s call in reverse! With a twinkle in his eyes, Baba gestured, “None of you can know what it means.” A few days later, he added another line, making it rhyme:

“Coming, coming, coming – CAME!

I am tired of the illusion game!”

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 20, p. 6642.