Cyrus Daily Messages

THEY LEFT Uri at seven-thirty on the morning of July 30th, (1929)  but after going some distance, Baba directed Padri to turn around. Back in Uri, Baba found a blind boy and kindly handed him a cotton scarf. The blind boy was worshiped by the local people, who believed him to be an advanced soul.

They then left Uri and reached the city of Srinagar in Kashmir at twenty minutes past noon. They lodged in houseboats on the lake near the city. The story behind their accommodation is noteworthy: The night before Baba arrived in Srinagar, the four-year-old son of Sultana, the owner of the houseboats, saw the Master in a dream. The boy heard Baba speak to him, “I am God and tomorrow I am coming to stay in your town.” The next morning, the boy excitedly narrated this dream to his mother, but she only smiled kindly.

When Baba reached the lake area of Srinagar, the boy saw him from a distance and pointing to him, shouted, “This is the same God I dreamed of last night!” Baba stopped by Sultana’s boat and the boy’s mother informed him of her son’s dream. So Baba stayed in their houseboat and the mandali in another nearby.

The news soon spread and all the boatmen gathered to meet Baba. They prayed to him to set foot in their houseboats. So that day, Baba visited many boats and sat for some time in the houseboat of their leader, Karim. At night, the boatmen returned and sat around Baba. Musical records were played and the four-year-old boy gave a dance performance. All the Kashmiris were joyous to be in the Master’s company.

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