Cyrus Daily Messages

One morning, (April 1924) Baba found Padri and Ramjoo chatting idly for a few moments. Upset with them, Baba threw a stick at Padri, narrowly missing him. He then rebuked both men and told them to stop working; however, they resumed their work after a while.

Later, in front of some of the other men, Padri showed his blistered palms to Baba, who remarked: “You people swear you are ready to give up your life for me, but blisters make you complain. This is not even the beginning of giving up your life – yet you whimper and cry.

“It is a sin to complain in this path where, for years on end, the body is cut up bit by bit – remaining wounded until it gives up the ghost! Seal your lips and let me kill you slowly – inch by inch. Bravery lies in this, not in showing me the blisters on your palms!”

But Padri’s hands were swollen and it was decided that he had to be taken to the Ahmednagar hospital to have his blisters treated. Rustom requested Baba to accompany them in the car. Adi said he would drive, and Baba immediately became displeased with his brusqueness. Adi then voiced his anger at Baba; however, when they reached Ahmednagar, he asked for Baba’s forgiveness and was pardoned. Padri’s hands were treated and he was kept in the hospital to recuperate. In his absence, Ramjoo became the manager of Meherabad, taking over Padri’s duties and awakening the mandali at five o’clock each morning.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 2,  p. 610.