Cyrus Daily Messages

The Davys’ oldest daughter May also met Baba a number of times. However, unlike Herbert and Kitty, she was skeptical of Baba and confronted him, “I have faith in Christ and also believe that there is no other Christ and there will be no other such being in the future. Jesus was the only one and will be the only Christ forever! Since Christianity is predominant in the West, it is superior in religion and spirit to the East.”

Baba calmly dictated in reply, “To explain it all to you will take time, but I will convince you that I have gained the state of Christhood and that I am the Christ.”

“Impossible! I don’t believe you,” she exclaimed. “I don’t understand what you mean.”

“Were I to explain it to you, you would understand everything. Truth is above religion. Truth is far, far beyond the intellect; it can only be reached by love. Christ attained that state of divine love. I am in the same state and I have its experience. I am always in the Christ state of everlasting bliss!” Baba’s answer and smile erased much of May’s skepticism. . .

. . . On Wednesday, September 30th, (1931) Meher Baba went to the studio of a Japanese photographer named Imai to have his picture taken. The six portraits turned out superbly and candidly revealed the Master’s various moods for certain ones to meditate on.

The next morning, Baba and a group visited the London Zoo. That night, Baba led the group to the Piccadilly Theater to see the play Folly to be Wise.

May Davy continued to be skeptical about Baba and told Kitty, “You are being hypocritical by shedding tears. You unreasonably go on weeping just to show your love for Baba. It is not love, but a sham. It is all humbug! It upsets me to see such hypocrisy.”

Upset by her sister’s accusation, Kitty told Baba about it. On October 1st, Baba called May and explained to her, “It is no pretense. The tears that you see are the outcome of Kitty’s love which she cannot prevent.”

Baba then slyly warned May, “You will also start loving me within two days.” May burst out laughing and did not believe him. But when she was with Baba that night along with the others, she suddenly burst into tears which she could not control for three hours. This inexplicable experience humbled her. . .

. . . This would be Baba’s last night with his English followers. . .Much to her consternation, May Davy continued to weep sorrowfully. That evening, she wept with her head on Baba’s shoulder for two hours and then caught hold of his feet. She kept kissing them and touching them with her forehead and cheeks. She made Baba promise that if he went to America, he would come and visit her home in Canada.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 4, pp. 1440 – 1442 & 1453.