Cyrus Daily Messages

…A large function was held in Madras on Sunday, March 2nd, (1930) at a place called Goschen.(K.J.) Dastur delivered a speech in an excited manner. In his fervor, he declared, “We, as Meher Baba’s lovers, should be prepared to write his messages in our own blood! Let us kill ourselves in disseminating his divine message among the people!”

At this, Dhake, who had also met them in Madras, cringed and whispered to Baba, “Dastur doesn’t weigh more than ninety pounds – he looks like he is suffering from anemia. How is he going to write your messages in his blood? He doesn’t have enough!” Baba smiled but did not comment, and Dastur’s speech was received with vociferous cheering.

Leaving Madras on March 3rd, they proceeded to Bangalore. On the way, Sadashiv told Baba, “There is a person in Mysore who remembers his past lives. I’ve read that he recognizes his previous parents, their home and every detail.”

Baba commented briefly:

There are such people who abruptly remember events of their past lives. They generally are those who die in a sudden accident, the shock of which has such a force on them that it leaves impressions of their last birth which they remember in their present birth. But this has nothing to do with realizing the Truth or advancement on the planes.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 4, p. 1275.