Cyrus Daily Messages

Explaining a couplet of Hafiz, where the Master says “obedience is just obedience, there is no questioning,” Baba added: (Nov. 1955).

You should be slaves of the Master, obeying even without thinking. If I order anyone to kill his child, he should obey me without having even a single thought about the deed.

I have explained so much; now, will your conscience accept obedience to me? Are your hearts ready to obey? Worldly people come, garland and worship me, and seek my blessings. I have not come for that. I mean this for all – the mandali, as well as you all who are near me today. To bow down to me, to perform my arti, to worship me is not what I have come for. These acts are all good with saints. With me it is different, it will not do. I expect more.

Why have you been called here? I have come to receive your love and I wish you to obey me literally, so that you may have the conscious experience of me. If that be not your purpose, then you have come on a sort of picnic! I want to say everything today, so that we may be free hereafter. It is Baba’s living experience that there is only One Reality, and all else is illusion. What is all this that we see and experience? Our staying here, my giving you explanations, even my being the Avatar is all a dream. Every day, you are dreaming; every day, you wake up and experience the same dream over and over again.

You are all sleeping, and in your sleep you dream of me. I tell you that you are dreaming, and you reply, “Baba, you are here, we see you; how could it be a dream?” But whatever you are experiencing here is all a dream. When you wake up in Reality, you will experience that all this was a dream.

A child is born and as he grows, his consciousness also increases. From childhood to youth, middle age and old age, but not a thought occurs to him as to from where and for what he has taken birth. Births after births pass in this way. He only thinks of worldly things, never about the Real Thing. Rarely does someone become really awake. This dream is far too long.

Hafiz says:

“Thousands of lovers out of love for God
are rolling in the dust,
but hardly one realizes Him.”

It requires cycles upon cycles for a man to get enlightened. Books say that only after aeons, one finds God. But this is the time when those who obey me will realize me.

It is important to obey me cheerfully. If that is not possible, at least obey.  If I tell Raosaheb to kill his son, and if he does not do it cheerfully but does it anyway, still he would find me. Search your own hearts and see whether you are prepared for such obedience. If your conscience is not prepared for it, then what should you do?

Everything is the play of the mind. If I wish, I could make the harmonium start playing itself. People would take me for God and would be ready to surrender themselves to me. But this would not be dedication to me, but to the playing of the harmonium. If a dead child is made alive, people are ready to obey – but this obedience would be to resurrecting the child.

Ravikant Rawal of Surat described how he had once witnessed a lover succeed in invoking rain by taking Meher Baba’s name at a particular place during a drought. In response, Baba commented:

We need not doubt what he says, he has seen it with his own eyes; but the fact remains, I did not know about it and I did nothing in that connection.

Nozar Dadachanji loved me. His family loves me; they did not grieve when he died but obeyed my will.

You all somehow feel that I am someone really great, but you have no conscious experience. There will not be greatness in your obedience after knowing me. But it is really great to obey me when not knowing my True Self. Mind will revolt against such obedience.

Kaikobad Dastur has some experiences and derives anand (bliss). He says he knows who I am. If I tell him to cut his family to pieces, he will do it cheerfully because he knows Baba is something. But obedience without consciously knowing me will make you greater than me. Whatever I say, I say in all sincerity. It is impossible to obey me literally. Were I in your place, it would be difficult for me to obey. So, what should I say about obeying me without knowing my Real State?

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 13, pp. 4664 – 4666.