Cyrus Daily Messages

(Dec. 1939) When people began coming for Baba’s darshan, they naturally asked questions about the war, and Baba stated many things about its inevitability. After a few days, Baba informed Dr. Ghani, “You should write down all my statements about the war and have them printed and distributed.”

Smiling, Ghani remarked, “What effect will a booklet have? It doesn’t look proper to distribute booklets when you are the Avatar!”

Baba replied at length, explaining: “If the Avatar has to resort to distributing leaflets, it shows the shocking condition people have come to! Yet, I have to do it. It is the preliminary preparation. This is the beginning. I’m preparing the ground.

“You are fools. This war was preceded by correspondence; meetings were held. Thereafter, there were protests and opposition. Then when the war started, and all these were of no avail, the bombs came!

“So these explanations of mine about the war are a sort of communication, to give the public a chance to listen and improve. If they won’t, then there will be spiritual bombs!

“Don’t you know me, after so many years of contact? One who does not care for the world and publicly declares in America, “I will come here and speak,” and does not – don’t you understand him yet?

“I do not care what the world will think or say. I will do anything for the sake of my work. Even if the whole world goes against me, I will do what I have to do. But all in its time. I will teach and strike – both!

“But India nowadays is sadly lacking in spirituality, by indulging in too much politics and Maya. The old spiritual glory is gone. It is sad, yet, it is a fact.”

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 7, p. 2484.