Cyrus Daily Messages

(March 1953) People of all beliefs were introduced to Meher Baba. Kumar brought an atheist to whom Baba stated:

Everyone is an atheist until he finds God by actual experience. It is better to be an atheist and be honest in words and deeds than to pose as a lover of God and lead a dishonest life. God is completely independent. He needs no worship. He only wants us to be honest.

Some had come to ask questions, though it was prohibited. One person somewhat arrogantly demanded, “Why has God created the universe?” Smiling, Baba gave this answer:

Who says God has created the world? We have created it by our imagination. God is supreme, independent. When we say He has created this illusion, we lower Him and His infinity. He is beyond all this, and only when we find Him in ourselves and our day-to-day lives will all our doubts vanish. Then we will not even have to think about Him. We will have spontaneous Knowledge. We will become.

Just as you are now a man, you do not have to even think whether you are a man or a woman. Do you ever ask yourself if you are a man or a woman? The answer is no because you have become a man. So when we become God, then only do all our doubts vanish. Otherwise it is just talk, reasoning, logic and theory. I give my love to you all.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 11, p. 4097.