Cyrus Daily Messages

Starting in August, 1938, the Swiss artist Helen Dahm was painting
colorful murals on the inside walls of Meher Baba’s underground crypt.
She was absorbed in her work from morning to evening. Although Helen
was not a young woman, (she was sixty at the time) out of love, she
worked on her back on top of scaffolding to paint the dome’s ceiling.
Hedi Mertens, who also was a painter, would assist Helen by mixing her
paints; but Helen did the actual painting of the figures.

It was only when Baba ordered the mandali to build a dome over this
“crypt” or underground room in 1938 that everyone came to know this
was to be the site of his future tomb. This was the room where Baba
had secluded himself in 1927, and where he had the Prem Ashram boys
drink from the cup of his divine love. It was also where he used to
spend the night until the Tin Cabin was built on the hill in 1935.
Now, all became aware that the “underground pit” was to house his last
physical remains, and they all regarded this humble structure with

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 7, p. 2315.