Cyrus Daily Messages

In addition to our two outward eyes, there is a third eye internally which sees through the two outward eyes and is situated between the eyebrows – the yogis know about it. The real yogi, in his advanced state, sees God, or Brahmand (the God of the universe), through this third eye contained in his mind – within the skull.

The Perfect Master sees three different things as it pleases his fancy. With his external eyes, he can see the universe and the world; with his inner eye, he sees God. And with his external eyes he actually sees all that exists coming out of himself in the form of innumerable circles – through the point of his inner third eye. Those yogis who see through the Brahmand are many, while Perfect Masters always number only five. (1) 

(1)  There exists on earth at all times fifty-six God-Realized Perfect Persons (the Shiv-Atmas), five of whom are Perfect Masters. In Vedanta, the five Masters are called Sadgurus, and in Sufism they are Qutubs. Refer to God Speaks, pages 158-164, regarding the types of God-Realized souls.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 2, p. 449.