Cyrus Daily Messages

Army General Bhandari of Poona was being transferred to Delhi. Having the urge to pay respects to Baba before leaving, without prior intimation, he and his wife came to Meherazad on January 2nd, 1964, with their seventeen-year-old daughter, Reva. General Bhandari also brought the brigadier general in charge of the military post in Ahmednagar and several other officers. Baba in his benevolence allowed them darshan.

The brigadier general was a Sikh from the Punjab, and Baba remarked to him that Guru Nanak was a Perfect Master.

His wife asked, “Have you read about Guru Nanak?”

“I have not read,” Baba gestured, “I know!”

The brigadier asked, “Baba, I have heard that it is beneficial to repeat the divine name, but which name is best to repeat?”

“Do you love your wife?”

“Yes, Baba. I love her very much.”

“What would you do if she were staying far away from you?”

“I would remember her, of course.”

“Would you remember her with a rosary in your hand? Would you sit in a corner and repeat her name?”

“No, I would think about her spontaneously with love.”

Baba stated, “In the same way, automatic remembrance of God in a natural way is what is worthwhile. And without love, it is not possible. When there is intense thirst for the remembrance of the Beloved, love is born, and one’s only thought is of the Beloved.

“This is called real japa – repetition of a divine name. Then, even the impossible becomes possible. It is the glory of the name.” The brigadier was highly impressed by Baba’s explanation.

General Bhandari and his wife bid a tearful goodbye to Baba. Out of his great kindness, Baba had met them, knowing this was the last time the couple would ever see him.

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