Cyrus Daily Messages

(Sept. 1954) When you are in the grip of the false “I,” which identifies itself with what happens, illusion governs you. But when you know the Truth, you do not identify yourself with it. All we see, hear and experience in the world is not God. Whatever you can understand is not God. Whatever is explained is not God. Whatever is expressed is not God. The poet says:

“The lover says to the Master:
You have taught me something
that has made me forget everything.
You have created in me a desire
that says do not desire anything.
You have given me that One Word
which says: words mean nothing.
“And the lover says: O Master,
I was seeking God and thought Him this and that.
Now, you have given me something of which
even my imagination cannot produce its shadow.”

It is all words. When you say “Self, God, Infinity,” they mean nothing. To attempt to understand by reading or hearing explanations is an insult to our Beloved God, Who is beyond all understanding. The only answer is love. If we love God, we become Him. There is no further question. But we must love with all our hearts, so that only God exists for us.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 13, pp. 4490 – 4491.