Cyrus Daily Messages

To the gathering Baba stated:

Another point, and I have not discussed it in God Speaks, is about binding. You are all bound. How? By your “I,” your ego. It is the same thing everywhere. Some want God with all comforts. From “I want food” to “I want God,” it is the same story. Always that “I” is there. Where has this “I” come from? This is not explained in any book, so listen carefully. When hungry you say, “I want food.” After your hunger is satisfied, there is no longer any “I want food.” But again you feel hungry, and again that “I want food” is there. I will explain.

In the beginning there was only the Beyond-Beyond state of God. God had no consciousness of Self. But like the slightest ripple on the smooth surface of the ocean, God the Unconscious had a lahar (whim) of “I want to know myself” – or “Who am I?” The most original want was: “I want to know myself.” With that want  the binding started, and spread among all the innumerable drops of the ocean. Creation began, and every drop remembered only “I want.” In the end, after yugas and yugas, the original want came back – “I want to know myself.”

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 13, p. 4678.