Cyrus Daily Messages

RAMJOO ABDULLA  was in Bombay at this time (March 1958) preparing drafts for the creation of the Avatar Meher Baba Trust, which was shortly to be registered as a charitable trust. It is believed that during his stay, according to Baba’s instructions, Ramjoo removed the handwritten papers of the secret  book  (which had been written in 1925-26) from the Bombay bank where it was kept. Although he supposedly turned it over to Baba, what Baba did with it or what happened to it afterwards is not in fact known. Eruch was the last person to observe the transaction between Baba and Ramjoo. (1)

(1) Kaka Baria and Sarosh K. Irani also held duplicate keys to that bank safety deposit box in Bombay, where the manuscript was locked up until 1959. Near the end, in January 1969, Meher Baba indicated to Eruch, when asked by him where the book was, that “it is in good hands.”In 1999, about forty handwritten pages of the “missing book” were found among Ramjoo Abdulla’s papers at Meherazad, but the overall significance of the material has not been determined when compared to the pre-existing material contained in God Speaks (which symbolically or in actuality represents 90% of the Book of Secrets) and The Nothing and the Everything (which represents symbolically or in actuality 10% of that Book). Most revealing and significant is Meher Baba’s words about how in actuality man is spirit and, in essence, to be spiritual means to be conscious of being spirit or a spirit.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 16, p. 5544.