Cyrus Daily Messages

In Mangom, Baba communed with a jalali mast named Pandit Kashkak. (Aug. 1944) He was a very high and powerful old mast, nearly seventy years old. He was mostly of a jalali temperament, and his fiery physical appearance reminded Baba of Upasni Maharaj when he encountered him.

When Baba was working alone with Pandit Kashkak, Baig sneaked around and curiously peeped into the room. He saw Baba on his knees, putting his head on the mast’s feet many times and thought the mast Kashkak must be much higher than Baba. When Baba came out after his work, he began scolding Kaka and Baidul harshly, “I told you both to be on guard. What were you two doing while I was inside?

“While working with the mast I had forbidden anyone to see me. But today, because of your carelessness, someone was allowed to commit a very grave blunder. Had I not saved that man he would have turned into ashes.”

Kaka and Baidul did not know what Baba was talking about, but by this, Baig was convinced the “Big Man from Bombay” was aware of everything. He had been careful to look inside the room from a place where it was impossible for Baba to have seen him.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 8, p. 2972.