Cyrus Daily Messages

On January 15th, (1923) the Master offered to explain to Khak Saheb and Ghani about the current melancholy prevalent in the minds of the men:

In this path, ordinarily one has to pass through three stages. The first stage consists of a keen interest and intense longing to know about and experience God, resulting in bright hopes and pleasant expectations. Then the second stage of disgust, disappointment, apathy and consequent suffering ensues. The third, but last stage is that of the Realization of God. At present, all in my circle are in the second stage, which lasts quite a long time. Since it is inevitable, try to put up with it and pass through it cheerfully. Don’t leave me for any reason.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 2, pp. 465 – 466.