Cyrus Daily Messages

Later that day, (7 Aug.1926) Baba discussed the current wanderings of Upasni Maharaj and Hazrat Babajan:

While I was travelling all over India and Persia, Maharaj kept himself at Sakori. But now that I am staying in Meherabad, Maharaj is travelling from one place to another.

As in the case of important dignitaries being received by the nobility and higher echelon of society, Babajan was always accorded the highest honors while wandering from place to place, and the highest persons from among the spiritual hierarchy used to present themselves at such times. As in the worldly way, when she was about to move out of her headquarters, spiritual wires used to hum, inviting all the top members of the spiritual hierarchy to be in her presence when she came to their town or city. It is said that Tajuddin Baba, who generally would move about naked, once put on a dhoti when he went to pay his respects to Babajan. (1)

(1)  Hazrat Babajan was referred to as the “doyen of Masters.” In this sense, she was the eldest Master, or the senior member of the spiritual hierarchy.

Lord Meher, American  ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 3, p. 821.