Cyrus Daily Messages

(Feb. 1954) Baba arrived in Dhanauri, where a special meeting of these workers was
to be convened. Keshav called this congregation “Durbar-e-Khas” (the
Court of the Selected Ones), and Bhau was nervous about what was to
transpire, since Baba had stated in Mahabaleshwar he would appoint him
the leader of a “spiritual suicide squad,” and he thought it was this

When Baba reached Dhanauri, he saw that the meeting place had been
arranged just by the side of the tent where darshan was to be held. It
was open on all sides whereas Baba wanted a closed room. “For this
important work, I wanted a place where even a sparrow could not hear
us!” he fumed. “This place is totally unsuitable.”

Therefore Baba and the mandali were taken to the larger village
school, but the building was too small to accommodate Baba, all the
mandali and the workers. There Baba asked Keshav, “Are all those who
have volunteered to place their lives at my disposal for my divine
work present?”

“Baba, all but two have come,” Keshav replied.

Baba was not pleased by his answer and declared, “If the very
beginning is based on such frivolities, the whole structure

He canceled the meeting, stating, “When people do not follow the chief
worker’s instructions, how could they be expected to follow my orders?
When they do not obey such simple things, how can they be expected to
sacrifice their lives for me? In their enthusiasm, they had their
names placed on the list. But mere enthusiasm is not required; it has
no strength.”

Baba canceled the lists and stated, “All those concerned should go on
increasing their love for me, simultaneously carrying out their
everyday duties. Another meeting of this nature will be held after
seven hundred years when I come again!”

He added, “Baba is real. So, if you have faith in me, believe my words
when I say that I am the Reality. I have canceled out the lists
because this is not the way to give your life for my cause. People
give their life for their families, their friends, for their country
and nation; but to give it for my cause is an absolutely different

“I will do it [his work] personally with my mandali. The time is
getting near because the period that will cover my speaking, my
humiliation, my glory will be very short.”

Concluding, Baba warned, “Seriously, I have come down and taken this
body not for darshan programs, arti and puja. That the angels have
been doing for me. These things do not interest me, but the purpose
for which I have taken this body is coming near. Who from among the
mandali sticks to me will be seen.”

The atmosphere had become serious, and the workers had the chance of
observing Baba in a mood of displeasure. It was important that the
workers in his cause experienced all sides of the Avatar’s
temperament, since they were to speak openly and honestly about him to

In the end, Baba emphasized to the volunteers: “As I explained, the
first thing you must do is love me. This love should drive you mad,
but it should not have any element of show in it. If that is not
possible, then you should continue doing your worldly duties, but with
the understanding that you are doing it all for Baba. If this is also
not possible, the third alternative is service to humanity without any
desire for reward or leadership positions.”

Explaining what he meant by service to humanity, Baba stated: “The
essence of service to mankind is to give happiness to others at the
cost of your own happiness. The best service is that which makes
people start loving me, because in loving me, freedom comes –
everlasting freedom! Service to humanity is an important instrument
with which my love can be vastly spread.”

Baba embraced each worker individually. Practically all wept at Baba’s
disappointment with them. Baba reiterated what he had stated, advising
Adarsh Khare, “Do your work with the feeling that you are doing it for
me. You, your wife, your children all belong to Baba. You should have
such a feeling because I know how much you love me and I also love
you.” Baba named Adarsh Khare’s baby daughter, “Mira,” during this

The meeting had a profound effect on those workers, who gradually
turned into pillars for Baba and his cause in Uttar Pradesh. In this
manner, the spiritual suicide squad had commenced – their egos were
experiencing being slaughtered!

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 12, pp. 4271 – 4272.