Cyrus Daily Messages

(July 1956) God is within everyone. He is in all of us, Infinite, All-powerful. The helplessness that you now feel here is because you are now in the body, and it is all illusion, although God is so omnipotent. Why is that? It is illusion. It is the veil between you and God.

The veil of what? That veil is the veil of ignorance. Once you come to know that the body is not real and this body is not you, then that veil of ignorance is lifted. When you are indeed asleep, the body is there, although you are not. The body breathes, and yet you are not aware of its breathing when you are asleep; then you may dream you eat; or in the dream you go to the movies. It is not the body that dreams; it must be YOU.

Suppose this body has its legs cut off; you are in no way less conscious, nor do you feel that there is any curtailment in your own existence. You are still you and your consciousness is not curtailed. Mind understands, yet the veil of illusion is not lifted because of the veil of ignorance which you still have.

Once you see God within you, you get the conviction. There is no more doubt. Then there is the experience of infinite bliss.

I give my blessings to you all.

Baba then stated, “Now try to completely silence your mind for one minute.” A minute of silence followed and Baba continued:

If those who love me will just for one minute, as now, be silent in their minds just before they go to bed, and think of me and picture me in the silence of their minds, and do that regularly, then this veil of ignorance that you have will disappear, and this bliss that I speak of, and which all long for, you will experience.

When I am in seclusion I do not give discourses and messages at all, but I have given the above because of my love for you. Because of my love for you, picture me now, and picture me every day for that one minute in silence. Do it every day; do not break the sequence of this daily connection and then you will achieve this bliss.
Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 14, p. 4946 – 4948.