Cyrus Daily Messages

After two days at sea, on the evening of September 27th (1933) while Baba was discussing matters with the mandali, there was a knock at the cabin door. Chanji opened it, and stepped out to find a very dignified looking old man standing in the hallway. Introducing himself, the old man said, “I am Sir Akbar Hyderi and I wish to see Meher Baba tomorrow morning if he will allow me to visit for a few minutes. May I know what time will be convenient for him?”

Chanji went inside to inform Baba, who instructed, “Tell him that, though I am not seeing anyone during the voyage, I will see him for five minutes tomorrow morning at ten.”

Chanji accordingly informed the old man who seemed very pleased, saying that he had heard much about Meher Baba and had longed for an opportunity to meet him. Akbar Hyderi was Prime Minister of Hyderabad, an important official similar to a governor. He came the next day to meet Baba, who was happy to see him. After the usual introductions and pleasantries, the conversation turned to spirituality. Baba explained about the three types of faith. Hyderi said, “Turn me toward the second stage where I can feel and experience God!”

Baba assured him of help, replying, “I will send you instructions for this tomorrow.” Hyderi requested that Baba give an appointment to his wife, as she would also be pleased to meet him. Baba indicated that the following day at 5 P.M. would be suitable. Hyderi left with his spirit greatly uplifted. Baba liked the old man very much; he was genuinely interested in spirituality, a trait Baba always appreciated. Baba also liked it that he was humble, despite his high government position.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 7, p. 1813.