Cyrus Daily Messages

On Meherabad Hill, (17 Feb.1958) everyone gathered under the tin shed, but the floor was uncarpeted and full of dust, which earned Mansari, Padri and Vishnu Baba’s reproof. Baba waited until the floor was covered with rugs for the men and women to sit on, before he began. He stated:

On this hill, I have done my Universal work. The stone structure on my right was formerly a water reservoir during the First World War. There is a room inside it in which I had sat in seclusion several times in 1924. There was an iron ladder leading to a window, which I used to climb to enter and come out of the room.

Shortly, I will send you to the place where my body will be kept after I drop it. Inside it is a pucca (sturdily) built crypt, where for six months, I stayed in seclusion and fasted on only coffee once a day and water. The seclusion lasted for two years, from 1927-28. Seventy years after I drop my body, this place will turn into a place of pilgrimage, where lovers of God, philosophers and celebrities will come to pay homage. How fortunate you all are that you are here in my living presence and could come up the Hill with me.

Those of you who have not seen the Tomb before should go there now, one by one. See it and pay your respects with a firm resolve that you will try your best to give happiness to others at the cost of your own, and that you will love Baba with all your heart. Having made this resolve, try to follow these two things honestly.

The women should go in first and then the men. Those who have already seen it should stay here. And after paying your respects, you should go down and not come back here.

Those who had not seen Baba’s final resting place went to see it, and the women who were still sitting in front of Baba were asked to take a walk in the garden. When they had left, Baba motioned to the men to come nearer, and they did so in a quick scramble. Baba caustically remarked, “I have seen how you are going to make others happy at the cost of your own happiness from the way in which you have just occupied the vacant seats.”

Minoo Kharas joked, “Baba, I remembered only your second advice – to love you wholeheartedly – and clean forgot about the first.”

Calling him, Baba twisted his ear, commenting, “True love never expresses itself outwardly. Love makes one forget oneself from head to foot.”

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 15, pp. 5295 -5296.