Cyrus Daily Messages

Prior to reaching Kashmir, another lad named Tulsi had been found in Lahore, and was travelling with them to Srinagar. The group reached Srinagar on June 23rd. (1930) Early the next day, Baba sent Vishnu and Raosaheb to Harvan Village to bring the boy Pandit to him. Baba had cryptically remarked earlier, “Pandit is the link in bringing Agha Ali back to me. Through my contact with Pandit, Ali will return from Persia.” Tulsi was also a link, but Baba did not explain exactly how he was connected to Pandit or Agha Ali. The Master’s work with the children had been a serious preoccupation since the days of the Meher Ashram and he was contacting all the links concerned; Tulsi was one of them. (1)

While Vishnu and Raosaheb were at Harvan, Baba went sightseeing in Srinagar with Chanji, Ali Akbar and Tulsi. They visited the Government Gardens, Chashma Shahi Garden and the polo grounds. On one occasion, Baba spotted two Kashmiri boys named Rehman and Adam, whom he immediately liked and had brought back to his residence. There, Baba began cooking cabbage and the boys were amazed to see a Guru doing such work. Baba admonished them, “Never feel ashamed to do any useful work.”

Raosaheb and Vishnu showed up with Pandit. After meeting with Pandit for only a short while and instructing him to meditate, Baba sent him back to Harvan. The men were amazed that Baba’s work with the boy was finished so quickly.

The significance of this contact remains a mystery. Baba had traveled thousands of miles to see Pandit and met with him for only five minutes! That was sufficient for his work, and he had traveled all the way to Kashmir just to do this work. No one can grasp the full meaning of the Avatar’s Universal work. His real work is spiritual, which transcends time and space, and it is always done for the benefit of others.

What the work was exactly with Agha Ali, Ali Akbar,
Abdulla, Pandit, Tulsi or other boys, no one knows.
But this much is certain, it had to do
with all the children in the world.

…Baidul’s cable from Persia was received that day, conveying the good news that he was on his way back to India with Agha Ali. Baba explained that this was the result of his five minute meeting with Pandit, the Kashmiri boy…

…Meanwhile, news came that Baidul, Mehrabanpur and Agha Ali were detained at the frontier, prevented from entering ndia without passports. On August 1st, Baba sent this telegram to Rusi at Quetta to do all he could to help: “Exert all your influence. Boy’s presence here most essential. Consider this my greatest service. Leave nothing undone to help them come here.”
Rusi sent a telegram back the next day that the group had been allowed to enter India. Baba cabled back on August 3rd: “Pleased you have done such a great service to me about which you have no idea and for which you have my special blessing.”

On August 16th, Baidul arrived in Nasik with Agha Ali and Mehrabanpur. Baba was very, very happy to have Ali back with him, and the boy was moved to tears in Baba’s embrace. Ali had been away ten months.

(1)  Later on, it was similarly observed that Baba would travel thousands of miles to contact a single mast sitting alone in the middle of nowhere. But this was a much different phase of work and cannot be compared to his work with the boys. It is not known what work Meher Baba was doing in the world of children, for how can we fathom the repercussions of his inner work. For his inner work, mediums are required and the work becomes visible through them. The children Baba contacted were the medium for the inner work he was engaged in at the time. It was for this reason that Baba traveled to contact Pandit in Srinagar.

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