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On Sunday, September 22nd, ?(1957) ?one hundred and one poor children from the school in nearby Pimpalgaon village were brought to Meherazad. Baba bowed to them and gave each the same prasad, one rupee and laddoos prepared by Chhagan. Although Baba still had intense pain in his hip joint, he laid his head on the feet of the poor and lepers for his work.

Baba would experience what he described as a “loose feeling” in his hip joint. When he took steps, he could feel the bone settle in place. This also happened when he turned on his side while lying down. Baba was informed about a physical therapist in Bombay who was able to relieve pain by pressing nerve fibers, so Nariman was asked to arrange for Baba to stay in Bombay for three weeks to take this “nerve” treatment.

At the time, Baba was using his bedroom on the top floor of the house in Meherazad, where he was carried each day in an armchair. Prior to the second accident, the night watchman would always sit outside Baba’s room, but after the accident, whoever was on duty sat with Baba in the room. The reason was that Baba would get jerks in his legs as he rested, so the watchman would have to sit on the bed and hold Baba’s feet. On the night of September 26th, Bhau was sitting on Baba’s bed with one leg dangling over the side, holding Baba’s feet. Baba was snoring loudly. Even though Bhau had once experienced Baba’s omniscience in Satara in this regard, still the thought pestered him: “Baba is snoring like an ordinary man. How can it be that the Avatar has conscious sleep?”

Suddenly, Baba’s body moved and he began snapping his fingers. Bhau stood up, and as soon as both feet touched the floor, he saw a poisonous krait an inch from his foot. Had Baba not drawn his attention there, he would surely have been bitten. It was astonishing that the snake could have come up to the second floor, as there was no way up except the staircase, and the dogs regularly patrolled the gardens and barked if they spotted a snake.

Baba motioned to Bhau to kill the snake. As he had never killed a snake in his life, he did so with much difficulty, crushing its head. Baba asked him, “What type of sleep do I have?” Bhau laughed, and Baba reminded him, “Just remember that I can never sleep like an ordinary man. I am always awake! I am always conscious, doing my Universal work.”

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 15, pp. 5226 – 5227. 

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