Cyrus Daily Messages



On Monday, September 1st, Baba stepped out of his seclusion to get
ready to leave, and to confer with the women mandali.

ON THE MORNING of September 3rd, Baba left Meherabad for Panchgani at
7 A.M. with the men and women mandali in Elizabeth’s car and the Blue
Bus. No one saw Baba entering the car. As soon as they arrived in
Panchgani at 10:45 A.M., Baba went straight into his bungalow without
being observed. Chatti Baba was kept in Baba’s bungalow, and Baidul
and Krishna continued to look after the mast. The men and women
mandali, as usual, occupied separate houses.

Adi Jr., Chhagan, Jangle, Murli, Padri, Pendu, Sailor and Sidhu
remained in Meherabad. Adi Jr., Murli and Padri were conducting the
free medical dispensary, and the rest of the men had been given other
duties. Baidul, Kalemama, Krishna, Nilu, Vishnu and Venkoba Rao were
with Baba in Panchgani. Bhabhanand, Gustadji and Pleader had been sent
to Mahabaleshwar to continue    their seclusion under Baba’s orders.

In Panchgani, Baba continued his inner work with Chatti Baba. On
September 5th, the mast was found to be in a very ill-tempered mood.
The next day, however, he was again his usual genial self, but he told
Krishna to tell Baba to send him back to his home in south India.
Krishna informed Baba, who remarked, “His time is up. If he asks again
I will send him, but all my plans will have to be changed.”

As part of his work, on September 9th, Savak Kotwal brought fifteen
destitute beggars from the village of Wai, whom Baba bathed, fed and
clothed at his bungalow.

The weather in Panchgani stayed sunny during Baba’s first week there,
but it started raining on the 11th of September. For the first few
days, Baba continued fasting on one scant meal a day; for some days he
remained on orange juice, and at times he would drink only water or
tea. Baba began his orange juice fast on September 12th, and reentered
seclusion the same day. He continued fasting for nine days. As it
continued to pour down rain during this time, no fruit was available
in the bazaar, so Baba had to be content with only water and tea for
three days.

Chatti Baba again lost his temper on September 12th, and Baba decided
to send him home to Nagapattinam with Baidul and Krishna on September
15th. The mast had been staying with Baba continuously for almost two
years. At the time of leaving, the mast wept and wept. Baba, too,
appeared filled with sorrow. “I have never seen so much sadness in
Baba’s face as when Chatti Baba’s car drove away down the hill,”
Margaret Craske recalled.

(1)  Kaka Baria and Chanji came from Bombay to Panchgani for a few
days at the beginning of September 1941.

Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 7, pp. 2710 – 2711.

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