Cyrus Daily Messages

Jai Baba dear Baba Family,

We have been receiving several inquiries as to when the Samadhi will be opened for Darshan and when the pilgrim facilities will open.

There is a marked reduction all over in new Covid-19 positive cases. But for the last few days the number has been static. There is no appreciable further reduction. The Covid Center opened by the Govt. Authorities in Hostel C at Meherabad did not have a single patient since the beginning of June. But now occasionally there are a few patients. The Markets, Malls, Restaurants etc. are allowed to be open with time restrictions.  But people are crowding everywhere, often without masks, unmindful of the likely infection. The vaccines are also not yet available in enough quantities.

Till date the Govt. Authorities have not permitted the Educational institutes and places of worship to open. One reason is that several places of worship attract a large number of devotees from all over the country. There are some festivals coming up shortly which attract huge crowds.

The new Delta & Delta Plus variants of Covid-19 virus are more contagious. There is a possibility of a third wave of pandemic in the months of July/August. So we have to be cautious in opening up Pilgrim facilities. As soon as the Govt. authorities permit us to open the Samadhi, we will do so. Thereafter we will open the pilgrim facilities, albeit with some extreme restrictions.

Remember we are also anxious to receive His Lovers whom we have been missing for the last over fifteen months.

We pray to Beloved Baba to bring this pandemic under control so that normalcy will return.

In His Love,