Cyrus Daily Messages

(Feb. 1954) Nearly five thousand people gathered in Guntur. When Baba was about to leave after the darshan, a boy came running toward him. Prostrating himself, he laid his head on Baba’s feet. Baba had forbidden this sort of obeisance, and so in return he put his head on Eruch’s feet and remarked, “The boy is on the path.”

Baba and the mandali then had their lunch at Sudarshanan’s at 11:25 A.M. Baba first sat on the decorated veranda where chairs had been placed for the mandali to eat. He then came down and walked on the lawn for a few minutes. Finally, after sitting on the ground for awhile, Baba washed his hands and retired to his room, where he took his meal and rested.

At about 1 P.M. Baba called the mandali to his room. The young lad, whom Baba remarked was on the path, was sitting beside him on the bed, singing devotional songs and energetically gesturing with his hands. Baba motioned to him to sing a song about Mahadev (Shiva), which he did with utmost love.

Observing, one of the local Baba workers said, “Baba, Guntur is famous for its devotional singers.”

Pointing to the boy, Baba emphatically replied, “Real devotional music is here.”

In his intoxication, the boy began a speech about Baba, and Baba embraced him and handed him a locket with his picture on it. Taking him on his lap, Baba urged the boy, “Remember that Baba is God.”

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 12, p. 4297.