Cyrus Daily Messages

Jai Baba

Dear Baba family,

Under the aegis of Avatar Meher Baba Bombay Centre two  trips are planned to Meherabad in March  :

From Saturday the 9th to Monday the 11th and
Saturday the 9th to Wednesday the 13th of March.

Stay at Meher Pilgrim Retreat and travel by Zubin’s Royal Fleet.

Boarding points:

Opposite Bhatia Hospital ,

Lal Baug ( Opp. Hilla Towers) ,

Parel ( Kirti Mahal) ,

Dadar ( Chandu Halvai).

The coach leaves Bhatia at 6 am.

Reporting time 5.45 am.

All will do their booking for the stay at Meher Pilgrim Retreat at [email protected]
The booking has already started. Babies under the age of 2 years are not allowed at MPR.

I am willing to do the booking for you if you send me the following details: ( Only for those who are first timers and those who cannot help themselves).

Full name including the middle name
Date of birth including the year.
Postal address
Cell no.
Boarding the bus from
Name and cell no.  of any person in emergency.

On confirmation from MPR please do the booking for the bus seat at the Centre.

The cost Rs. 3,500 includes lodging, board and transport for the 3 days’ trip and
Rs. 4,500 for the 5 days’ trip. The payment will have to be made at the Centre.
Cheques are welcome favouring ‘ Avatar Meher Baba Bombay Centre’.

On the road you pay for the food and tea.

We all travel at our own risk.

Please carry your medicines.

Please forward to the like minded.

For further details contact:

Jimmy Khan     98209 67005
Bomi Bomanji  97696 06179
Sam Patel        98206 26276

Or at the Centre

In His love and service,