Cyrus Daily Messages

Dear Baba lovers,

Jai Meher Baba!

In view of the Maharashtra Government deciding to open religious places from the 16th of November, the Board of Trustees of the Avatar Meher Baba Bombay Centre met yesterday to deliberate on the modalities of a possible re-opening of Meher Hall.

In the discussions that ensued, it was decided to adopt a wait and watch approach before arriving at a final decision. This is being done on the basis of various reports appearing in the press and media of a likely surge in the number of COVID cases post the festive season and to also take the requisite permission of the Society wherein our Centre is located.

The Board will meet again towards the end of November to review the situation on the above points and inform you of our decision. Kindly bear with us on this as safety and security of all Baba lovers, Centre volunteers and Society residents is our prime motive at this point in time.

In His service,

Hoshang M. Dadachanji